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From the depths of the French alps in a small mountain village called Monestier-de-Clermont, lays the origins of Moncler's brand conception.  René Ramillon and Andrè Vincent founded the company in 1952.  In the beginning, the entrepreneurs focused on quilted sleeping bags tents, and down jackets.  Starting the Social trend of mountain holidays Moncler quickly developed a name for themselves.  

French mountaineer Lionel Terray noticed the potential of their jackets and a high-performance collection for mountain climbers and skiers was born.  Moncler had become synonymous with high-quality outerwear from then on.  

Today Moncler is a global luxury lifestyle brand seen in urban cities and mountain ranges as they continue to expand Moncler has opened its doors to collaborators with its 2018 project Moncler Genius.  Inviting 8 international designers under one roof to create disruptive and experimental collections.