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Established in 2014 by Mike Amiri, the luxury menswear and womenswear brand, AMIRI, marries refined craftsmanship with the glamour of LA&rsquos authentic skate and street culture.  An LA native, founder Mike Amiri began his career in fashion by handcrafting unique stage pieces for iconic hard rockers such as Axl Rose and Steven Tyler. Eternally intrigued by such dark, heroic figures, his flair for tapping into this rock n rock ethos led him to design an exclusive capsule collection for the LA-concept store, Maxfield.

Today, AMIRI presents a collection bi-annually at Paris Fashion Week and is available from some of the most renowned retailers worldwide.  As its global presence grows, AMIRI remains faithful to its roots.  Each garment is still a labour of love, cut from the finest fabrics, produced in the majority in LA, and often even hand-finessed in-house. More recently, the production of leather goods and tailored suiting moved to Italy.